>Sooo, I thought I’d introduce myself to anyone who happens to pass my way.  Also, I am in desperate need of procrastination a break from studying Nutrient Metabolism.  I do totally geek out on Food Science and Nutrition but studying for a midterm kind of takes the fun out of it! 

Sooooo…. I’m a grad student getting my masters in Food Science & Nutrition.  I’m really into fitness and eating healthy but have struggled w/ obsession in both of those realms.  Recently I’ve gotten my emotional turmoil in check and it has allowed me to be more relaxed in my physical state.  (I don’t need to control exercise and eating as much when I feel more in control of my life.)  I’ve gained most of the weight back so now I’m in a healthy range and I’ve started lifting weights to add some muscle.  I’ve really decided to focus on becoming strong.  It really helps me when I have a goal in mind so that there’s a reason to get off the treadmill and to not skip meals!  I’ve upped my protein intake by a ton and I’ve found that I feel much better throughout the day.  No lulls and drags and I’m getting in control of my emotional eating.

I guess that’s it, for now.  Feel free to ask me any questions & please introduce yourself!  I’d love to get to know anyone out there in the wide blogosphere!  🙂


2 thoughts on “>unveiled

  1. >When it comes to behaviors and attitudes related to nutrition,I think there's a fine line between obsessive/ unhealthy and healthy/ holistic. I give you credit for being up front about your transition – I think being open and mindful goes a long way towards fostering and maintaining a healthy approach to eating, exercising…and just living in general. Good luck with everything!

  2. >i agree with your thoughts on openness – it's cliche, but true – the first step is admitting you have a problem! i've also learned to ask for help and to show my weaknesses to those around me.

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