wordpress move

I switched to WordPress because blogger was pissing me off with the lack of comment-reply capability!  I want to be able to reply to comments left on my blog!  It seems like such an intuitive thing that most bloggers would want so I don’t understand why Google Blogger doesn’t offer it.  I also tried to install Disqus (sp?) but that was a complete fail & I felt like a grandma trying to figure out new technology.

y, this morning has started off nicely.  I take Sundays off as my rest day & it’s also the only day I don’t wake up to an alarm.  I usually wake up at 4:15am on the weekdays & 6:15 on Saturdays so even when I “sleep in” on Sundays, it’s really only until about 7.  I used to be a morning baker and so I’m used to these early mornings.  I actually prefer them – I feel like I get so much more done during the day!

I woke up this morning a wee bit hung over.  I went to dinner at my step-brother & sister-in-law’s house last night (they live in the same town as me) and I added some tequila to my crystal light drink (yeah, i’m classy like that).


It was a weird night.  Yesterday I found out that my ex boyfriend died in a freak accident.  He tripped while hiking and hit his head on a rock.  Apparently the death was instantaneous and he didn’t seem to suffer.  It’s really shocking.  We were together for about 2 years but it’s been about 3 years since we broke up and I haven’t really talked to him since.  Still, he had a HUGE impact on my life and it’s just so sad to think about the world without him in it.

Well, let’s be super duper emotionally healthy about it (i.e. compartmentalize the bad feelings and focus on something else!) 🙂

My plans for today – take a walk to starbucks so that i can procrastinate move around & get outside & bury my head in my Nutrient Metabolism book.  I have a midterm on Wednesday along with a quiz in Anatomy/Phys, a lab write up, and numerous other assignments calling my name!  Yuck!

I also need to figure out this wordpress site.  There are a LOT of options & funny looking buttons that mean things I don’t understand.

How I feel right now!


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