something smells fishy…

Ah yes, that’d be my breath!

so many layers of goodness!

This salad was actually eaten on Sunday afternoon but I spend all day (8am-8pm) on campus on Mondays so I knew I’d be unable to post anything.  I want to get into a more regular posting schedule so I’m writing this Sunday night because I should be studying have some free time.

Anywhoo, I love me some sardines!  They’re just little briny packages of Omega 3, Vitamin D, & Calcium!  Plus, they’re low in mercury & sustainable!

The stats are good, too!  Especially since I’ve never really been a meat fan so I need protein sources!

Well, I can promise you my lunch today won’t be as interesting.  I’m still a little too new around the campus office I work in to be breaking out the smelly sardines.  On work days I usually stick w/ chicken breast for my salad topping!

Do you care about what anybody thinks when it comes to your eating choices?  Are there certain foods you won’t eat around people you work with?  Spill!  What are your secret eating behaviors? 🙂


7 thoughts on “something smells fishy…

  1. i’m so glad you switched to wordpress! Woot! I need to try sardines…my boyfriend went to Spain and tried them there and fell in love!

    • agreed! i tried the mustard ones & was ..ehhh… might as well just add my own seasonings! i have seen big packages of sardines in tomato sauce & was intrigued, though.

  2. ooo! Ive been wanting to try sardines for awhile. Im gonna have to go and buy some next time Im at the store. Do you just load up on whatever and eat? Bones and all? Sorry Im a sardine newb I guess. They look great though

    • i think most americans are sardine newbs! & it’s so unfortunate … or good because more for me! i eat the bones – that’s where the calcium is! you can eat the bones in canned salmon, too!

      sometimes i’ll smoosh them w/ mustard & tapatio & make a sandwich out of them, too!

      i may have also mixed them w/ oats a couple of times to make savory oatmeal … 🙂

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