Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple

About once a week, I eat a pint of Arctic Zero as my daily treat.  I’m a big time volume eater & so it’s absolutely awesome to be able to eat the whole pint!  The stats are pretty great, too.   Plus, it’s lactose-intolerant friendly so no bloating/gas for me! … Well, I’m still gassy but it’s from other things! 🙂The only reason I don’t eat this more often is because a) it’s expensive & b) it’s not really filling.  At least when I eat bars as a daily treat, they satiate my hunger.  The good side of Arctic Zero is that it’s so big (and cold) so it takes me a long time to finish the pint.  (it’s also really good topped w/ Walden Farms chocolate syrup or marshmallow dip!)

Note:  I’ve tried Chocolate, Choco PB, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla, Strawberry & Banana, Coffee.

The only ones I wouldn’t recommend are Strawberry & Banana, & Chocolate.  They seemed to be really icy & less creamy.

My fav is definitely the Cookies & Cream!


13 thoughts on “Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple

    • let’s see … essential ingredients:
      – creaminess factor – banana? but i don’t want it to taste like banana. maybe silken tofu? or almond breeze thickened w/ agar?
      – protein powder might add creaminess, too
      hmmm…. this is the kind of challenge i like! 🙂

  1. I love the mint chocolate cookie flavor. For me it’s heaven in a pint and it’s got 16 grams of protein. My Whole Foods is a bit pricey, but I found a store that sells it for the same price as the not so good for you stuff, I got 2 pints for $7 bucks.

    • oh man, that might be dangerous! i’d move into that store! 🙂 i may have once bought 2 pints in one day when they were on super sale … 🙂 yeah, it was an awesome day.

  2. I love these! I am a big fan of the VOLUME of food, as well.
    I agree that these are very pricey, though!
    I get my fix with Almond Milk, chocolate Casein and Greek yogurt in the freezer for 15 minutes. It seems to satisfy my craving for ice cream, especially topped with clean eating add-ons.

    • i do this, too! i add in frozen spinach, too. that way i use less ice & add bulk! plus it totally fills me up! i haven’t quite gotten it to arctic zero status, though!

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