Depleting the world’s oceans, one meal at a time!

This was my fishy creation for lunch yesterday!  Loads of veggies, 6oz of shrimp, & a crap-ton-o-mustard!  Loved every bite!

I was still hungry afterwards & I was also craving cinnamon pb thanks to this: so I mixed up 2 Tbsp PB flour, cinnamon, & a little less than 2 Tbsp water.  Then I slathered it on two corn thins (thin rice cakes) & sprinkled on a few raisins.  Well, delicious & a perfect snack to finish off my lunch!

I munched the afternoon away and so wasn’t really hungry when dinner came around.  So I just microwaved elaborately prepared some onions, cabbage slaw, asparagus, & a Ocean’s Harvest salmon patty.  I should have followed the package’s directions to bake or pan-cook the patty – it ended up like rubber in the microwave!  damn!  oh well, still tasted good!

Two oranges before bed – my night time ritual! 🙂  Then it’s lights out! 🙂

K, well I’m at school right now barely passing acing my midterm.  Seriously though, the last midterm average was 74%!  Doesn’t that reflect poorly on the teaching methods?  Okay, hope you all are having a great Wednesday!


12 thoughts on “Depleting the world’s oceans, one meal at a time!

    • i’m getting my master’s in food science and nutrition (emphasis on nutrition). i totally geek out on food science but i want to focus my career on community nutrition/education/intervention.

    • mustard makes everything better! except my clothes… sadly, there are yellow stains on pretty much all my sweatshirts. that’s what i get for squirting mustard on random celery sticks & broccoli florets while standing in front of the fridge!

  1. oh those corn rice thins are good! i had them before, btu they went stale SO fast booo…they were delicious while they lasted though!!

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