Pure Protein Strawberry Shortcake (50g) Bar

I’m a sucker for layered desserts bars so I decided to give this one a try.

You can find information about it here http://www.pureprotein.net/pages/products.aspx?sku=013448

I got this bar because the nutrition stats looked really good – 19g of protein for 180 cals!  Plus, I knew I could nibble the top layer and then munch on the cookie base!  Don’t judge, I know I’m weird!

So I broke it open and ate the top.

The result:  EXTREME strawberry smells & okay strawberry taste.  I enjoyed it up to this point … however … the cookie base tasted, for lack of better description, chemically.

I don’t know why, but it tasted funk!  And you know me, I can handle the funk … in fact, sometimes I like the funk but I just did not like this!  I actually threw the other 1/2 away & that’s saying a lot because I’m the cheapest person this side of a dumpster-diver!

I’ve had the Chocolate Deluxe Bar before and that was good, so I’m not against trying some of their other flavors but this one was a definite no-go!


2 thoughts on “Pure Protein Strawberry Shortcake (50g) Bar

  1. Hahahaha I eat bars in parts too. 🙂 I am so weird.

    I really liked the peanut butter & jelly protein bar hubs and I split the other day…forget what brand it’s by but it was very non-chemical tasting and actually tasted like PB&J. Win.

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