NuGo Nutrition Bars

I went on a little road trip to Berkeley this weekend and found some new bars while spending all my money wandering the aisles at Berkeley Bowl & Whole Foods.  I managed to take some pics of the Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor (above) but the Carrot Cake and the Coffee went unpictured because they were eaten in the car.


It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get a pic of the Carrot Cake bar because this packaging is SO misleading!  The bar looked like a rice crispie treat and tasted like cinnamon-infused stale cereal.  I got this pic from and she had a similar experience with the bar.  Not good.IMG_1775.JPGThe Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar was good, though.  It had a nice PB Flavor, wasn’t soggy/stale tasting & has great stats!  Plus, it’s huge!  It wasn’t very dense and was more crispy than chewy.

NuGo Peanut Butter Chocolate

The Coffee flavor was good.  Same comments as the PB Chocolate.  I wasn’t super hungry when I ate these they filled me up but I don’t know if they’d fill me up on a “normal” day.  They have a good amount of protein for the cal count but they don’t seem dense enough to be anything more than a candy bar substitute.  I bought these for about $1.50 each and I probably wouldn’t buy them again unless there wasn’t anything else around.

NuGo has different lines of nutritional bars.  The PB Chocolate & Coffee are part of their “NuGo Family” line so if I did buy one again, it’d be from this section of their brand.  The Carrot Cake bar was from their gluten free line (I think this might have something to do with the less than desirable texture).  I definitely would not recommend bars from this section of their brand.


6 thoughts on “NuGo Nutrition Bars

  1. i used to LOVE luna bars but lately i’ve only really liked the luna protein bars. they’re really dense & chewy – i like that!
    i’ve also just gotten into kashi big time!
    have you tried ordering from amazon?

    • i’m always conflicted about meltey bars. on the one hand, food should melt when it’s in the heat. on the other hand, “frankenfood” that doesn’t melt is way more convenient!

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