South Beach Dark Chocolate Berry Protein Bar

The thing you should know about these bars is that the cherry smell is ridiculous!  Like, people around you will turn and ask what you’re eating.  The taste is really good, too.

They’re a cereal base w/ a chocolate drizzle.  There aren’t any noticeable nuts or seeds but they are fairly dense.  They’re not crispy but are more slightly chewy.  There’s a decent amount of protein in them and they usually keep me satisfied for a good while.

These bars used to be my all time favorite but I’ve fallen out of love with them lately.  Still, they’re great and I’ll probably re-ignite my affair with them in due time.


8 thoughts on “South Beach Dark Chocolate Berry Protein Bar

    • haha, i may have abnormally small (and orange) hands! i made your moist protein cake and took a pic – the cake is big but in my hand it looks ENORMOUS! 🙂

  1. mmmMMM im so craving chocolate and cherries. I always like knowing which bars are the good ones since I think they are ssoo good to take with me on flights. And this summer I think Im gonna be flying alot. So I like to keep track…Thanks for the heads up!

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