I hate the internet!  I just wrote this long review of a new fav. bar & wordpress ate it!  Why does it do that?  After I posted it, the whole review was just one pic and all my (attempts at wit) review & comment was gone!

Plus, I can’t correctly link to pages, I can’t figure out how to add recipes, & I should be studying for my finals!  oh wait, damn, I need to go study.  Seriously after my last final on Wednesday, I’m totally hitting up you fellow wordpress bloggers for help!

Anway, take my word for it, Extend Bars are good.  Since my last post went down the drain & I don’t have time, I’ll do a more thorough review another time.  For now, I’ll leave you with this …


8 thoughts on “ack!

  1. Sooooo don’t hate me but this was the first time I got to checking out your blog (I’ve been so busy I haven’t even caught up on my normal blog reading/commenting yet!). I have to say though, I really enjoy it. Pretty much I knew I’d enjoy it from your comment on my blog about pussy-footing.

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