Pizza in a bowl

Thanks to this lady I’ve had a major pizza craving … but I had no eggplant on hand so I made do w/ what I did have.  I’ve also had a major hankering for runny yolks thanks to this smart lady.  Put the two together and you get my dinner.

First I nuked 1/2 a sliced white onion with about 3/4 of a broccoli crown for 3 minutes.  Then I added about 3/4 cup TJ’s canned (no salt added) diced tomatoes, a can of anchovies, red pepper flakes, dried oregano, and cracked a raw egg on top.  Covered & nuked again for about 2 minutes.

Result:  runny egg, umami from the anchovies & tomatoes, pizza seasonings, lovely dinner.  I soaked up the juices at the bottom of the bowl with 1/2 a light flat out.

Such a good dinner!


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