New Product Alert!


There’s a fiberrific brownie on the market & it’s pretty awesome!

Not Just for Hippies
No, they weren’t special brownies!  But they were damn good!

Check out these stats …

And check out this orange palm brownie!

The texture is really soft and doughy – kind of like a straight-out-of-the-oven brownie (without that warm gooeyness).  If I had any self-control, I’d have warmed it up & topped it w/ protein fluff or protein ice cream.  However, when I want something, I want it now!

The flavor was more chocolate than peanutty but the pb flavor wasn’t completely absent.

This was small & didn’t have as much protein as I normally like, but it was delicious & is low cal so I’ll probably be topping it with greek yogurt tonight … and maybe a little pb flour drizzle?  Oh yeah, mama likes.


10 thoughts on “New Product Alert!

  1. Those look great! Unfortunately Fiber one products make my stomach gurgle like no other – doh!!! But it looks super yum.

  2. I tend to consider fiber one products ‘not-so-bad-for-you’ cheat foods. I’ll have to give those a whirl sometime 🙂


    • i agree with your characterization of fiber one – they’re not nutritional powerhouses, but they’re not awful either.

      yeah for you being back!!! i missed ya!

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