cinnamon spice & everything nice!

Since you all seemed to find my last porto french toast disgusting enticing, I thought I’d share another snack I’ve been eating.

Cauliflower topped w/ cinnamon, stevia, & sea salt.  It’s sweet & salty & YUM!  🙂  Bet ya wish you had a scratch & sniff screen right now! 🙂

Just be sure to really pour on the cinnamon.  The smell will mask the farts you let loose later.  Seriously, why do all of my favorite foods hate me!

Also, here’s another smoothie shake in a bowl I’ve been enjoying.

fluffy, creamy, deliciousness!

This is basically 4 oz greek yogurt, blended w/ .25 cups UVAB, about .5 cups water & 1/2 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder (plus ice, guar gum, xantham gum, vanilla, & cinnamon).  I used the same formula as the green siab

Seriously, I love these smoothies!  Yes, I would marry them.  They said, “no.”


9 thoughts on “cinnamon spice & everything nice!

    • there are no dumb questions (that’s a lie, there are totally dumb questions! but yours isn’t one of them).

      Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze
      reg milk would work fine but this asian lady blows up like a blimp post lactose consumption!

      another lie: all babies are beautiful. that’s dumb. i’ve seen a sh*t ton of ugly babies.

  1. Actually, on a similar note, I remember pouring a shit-ton of cinnamon on broccoli with egg whites for breakfast when I was much leaner a few yrs ago while vacationing with some non-eating-disordered friends. And one of them gave me SUCH A HARD TIME for that dish! Man, she was just revolted and I was so hurt and offended! I remember bringing my dish to the table (while they ate a proper cooked English breakfast of eggs, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes) and she looked at it and went, “EWWWWW” and then her daughter looked at it and went “EWWWWW”. I felt like an alien :-/ Ugh!

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