Hall of Shame

I’ve always believed that when life hands you lemons …


you should throw them at people you don’t like!
I’m a frequent bar consumer, I like them for my daily treats and I’m always trying new brands & flavors.  However, many times I get punked and end up wasting money on pure crap.
Instead of being like those happy bloggers who try to lift up your mood on Mondays with smiles, gratitude, & pleasantries.
I’m going to focus on the negative because that is my way. 🙂
Old Lady FingerSo, without further ado.  Crap that I’ve spent money on.  Consider yourself warned.  Just walk on by!

Sweet - yes, too sweet, no wonder kids are obese, sweet. Roasted nut - maybe. Salty - dirty lie.



And now, fancy chicken.  My mom bought chicken from the grocery deli & it came resplendent with feathers.  How fancy!
Hope I haven’t scrooged you out of a good Monday!  Tell me what “lemons” you’ve spent your money on!

11 thoughts on “Hall of Shame

  1. Nooooo! Not a feather! Or several!! NO! Eek, I mean, getting back to nature is one thing, but ack! Nice of mom to try though.

    I was hoping for a recap on your *wink* *wink* picnic the other day! I hope you didn’t have to throw lemons at “anyone” 😉

    Here’s to a better week.

    • oh yeah, she was giving michael pollan a run for his money! she was like, “i’ll show you what an omnivore’s dilemma is! i’m going to eat the f-ing feathers! 🙂 haha

    • yeah, it was pretty damn nasty. i mean, i know that chickens have feathers naturally, but they also have eyes and beating hearts. i don’t want my chicken to have a beating heart, either!

      • There’s a phenomenal joint I’ve been going to eat my whole life downtown LA called Philippes French Dip. And from in utero, I’ve eaten ‘pickledpigsfeet’ never thought about what they were, they were always ‘pickledpigsfeet’ and I never questioned it b/c they were soooo good. Well, when I turned 15, I got pickledpigsfeet and there were two tiny hairs on them and the penny dropped that they were Pickled Pig’s Feet. Sad to say that was the last time I ate them, despite how delish they really are! 😦

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