Blind leading the Blind

Okay, so I had a blind date on Sunday.  My office mate heard about my woes and suddenly suggested a set up with her single, home-owning, job-holding, non-psycho friend.  Nice, office mate, nice.  Couldn’t you have mentioned this fella before I shelled out $60 on an online dating site?  Oh well.

Online Dating funny picture So he held a housewarming BBQ on Sunday but it was so obviously a reason for him and I to meet that it was just silly to call it a BBQ.  Plus, housewarming, my ass.  He’s lived in that house for a year.  He knew it was a set up.  I knew it was a set up.  For God’s sake, there were only 6 people at his house.  It was a blind date with a small audience!

So, how’d it go?  He was perfectly nice.  Good looking.  He didn’t weird me out at all or make me run screaming.

But it wasn’t exactly fireworks, either. Let’s just say, I didn’t spend my day doodling his name in my notebook.

If he asks me out, I’ll definitely go.  I can’t completely rule it out and if anything, at least this time there won’t be spectators!

Am I lowering my standards or is it time to discover “good enough?”


14 thoughts on “Blind leading the Blind

  1. Well, hm. This is a tricky one. While I think everyone deserves a second chance, I also know what you mean about settling. But sometimes great guys are hidden and you just have to get to know them more! But I know what you mean about not feeling the initial sparks…

    Phil gave me more butterflies than anyone before and even though I was dating someone else when I met him, I was instantly attracted. That being said, he could have been a total jerk after that! *thank god he wasnt* But I was friends with him for 2 years before we started dating, so I definitely think its worth it to give 2-3 dates to a guy and feel things out. I love that online dating pic LOL!! good luck!

  2. Glad to hear that the blind date went pretty well. I think maybe giving him another chance isnt bad. Especially in a setting where you two can get to know each other without spectators. .That always makes it a bit awkward. Who knows maybe you’ll hit it off? If not thats ok too. At least then you know. Good luck!!

  3. Honestly, when I met Max I was not impressed. I thought he was a typical jock…he was good looking but I was like, This will just be a quick little thing. I don’t really put much stock in first impressions — and if I had I definintely wouldn’t be married to my husband!! 🙂

  4. There’s a whole lot more than just sparks. After a while, those will be subdued and you will be left with a human being that you either love or don’t. Sure, there should be attraction, but it goes sooo much deeper than that! I think it sounds very encouraging!

    • very true about the sparks fading – lord knows i’ve seen my share of “fireworks” disappear. the funny thing is, after the fireworks are gone, all you’re left with is ringing ears and a bad smell in the air!

  5. Blind dates… interesting. And kinda awkward, I bet. At least he wasn’t a total weirdo. 😉 And hopefully he doesn’t read your blog. haha.

    I don’t think you should lower your standards at all… and don’t settle either… and when you find that perfect guy, you let me know if he has a brother. 😉

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