It’s my birthday ….

Well, it was my birthday yesterday, but I figure you only turn 28 once so I’ll celebrate it for two days!

Here are some pics from the awesome b-day BBQ my parents and I had on Saturday to celebrate.  (by the way, does anyone else feel weird celebrating their birthdays?  it’s like, yay, “you … survived 28 years!” or “congrats on being the surviving sperm & egg duo out of the million possibilities!”  I feel like I should be thanking my parents for getting it on!

Anyway, onto the food.  They asked what I wanted and, of course, I said seafood!  So my step dad fired up the grill and threw on all the fish I wanted!

First we had veggie skewers and shrimp.  (I didn’t plan well enough at the Farmer’s Market and ended up getting bland looking veggies instead of pretty, bright, photogenic produce)

Next, we took a whole striped sea bass and filled it with lemons, leeks, and TJ’s 21 Seasoning Salute.  We wrapped that bad boy up in foil and threw it on the grill for about 20-30 minutes.

(I wasn’t in charge of the Man-Q and so I’m not sure the exact amount of time.)

the veggies & lemons on the inside flavor the fish so nicely!

We also got some oysters and grilled them over medium heat until they popped open.

Don’t oysters just make you want to blush? 🙂

Okay, well I’m off to watch a movie with my Mama (writing this on Monday night).  Hope you all had a great Monday! 🙂



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