About Time … for some reviews

I’ve been trying out some awesome new (to me) protein powders and I’m so excited to tell you about them!

I received some About Time single serve protein powder packets in a multitude of flavors!

First, I made a post-workout shake with the Peaches & Cream flavor.  Like Janetha, I grew up eating peaches and ice cream and those flavors totally remind me of happy childhood!  For this shake I really wanted to taste the powder, so all I did was add water.  Overall, it had a faint taste of peach with a nice creamy aftertaste.  I wouldn’t describe it as tasting like cream but the vanilla flavor was still there.  I liked this but I think I should have added it to almond milk or a bit of greek yogurt to bring out the taste more.  Damn!  Well,  you live and learn!

Second, I used the Birthday Cake flavor in my usual protein smoothie in a bowl.

To be honest, this flavor always confuses me.  What flavor is birthday cake?  Mine were never the same – sometimes vanilla, sometimes chocolate, most of the time ice cream filled! (obviously before I learned of my lactose intolerance)

(OMG, side note:  Arctic Zero filled birthday cake.  HEAVEN)

I would say this birthday cake would be vanilla.  Intense vanilla, though, and very nice.  I really liked this powder and would probably buy this flavor in their 2lb containers because it seems like it’d be a good flavor base for baking & mixing w/ yogurt/pumpkin/anything.

Third, I used the Cinnamon Swirl flavor in a doughboy smoothie (I’ll wait until Saturday to talk about that one but it was awesome).

Fourth, I used the Mocha Mint & Chocolate flavors in my protein muffins (recipe tomorrow)!

Why I love About Time protein powders.  They’re tasty and not too sweet.  The flavors never overpower or taste “fake” but just add a nice subtlety.  Plus, you seriously cannot beat the nutritional stats!  You get 25 grams of whey protein for only 103 calories!  I can’t think of another protein powder that can claim that!!!  Plus, I never get a stomach ache after using it and it doesn’t stay in huge clumps when mixed with water.

Basically, I’m in love with About Time and totally going to buy a 2lb container as soon as I decide on a flavor!

WAIT … if you want to purchase your own 2lb container, you should do it before July 4th because the awesome people at About Time are giving you a super deal!  Use promo code”cncrfree” to receive a free box of their newest meal replacement bar, carob and coconut. Good on any order containing a 2 pound tub of protein.


8 thoughts on “About Time … for some reviews

  1. Hey i like your blog!!! i’ve been looking for a vegan protein powder lately and now I’m considering SUn warrior raw vegan vanilla protein powder!!
    Hope you check out my blog sometime (:


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