Teacher’s Pet

I was recently talking to my favorite foodie-in-training and she mentioned that she didn’t think many readers actually make the recipes from the blogs they read.  Well, I’m nothing if not a contrarian so I immediately went through her recipes to choose one to prepare and show off.

(I’m actually trying to get two gold stars or Student Blogger of the Month)

I came upon her recipes for Strawberries & Cream Puff Cake and the Chocolate Eclair Cake.  I thought of the 4th of July and inspiration struck!

My family is not like me.  My perfect dessert is watermelon.  Their perfect dessert is ice cream, topped with ice cream, all covering ice cream cake.  You get the drift.  I’m dealing with a tough audience!  I thought this recipe would be perfect for the 4th because I could make it the requisite red, white, & blue colors!

Below follows the ten steps to make your family happy.

1.  Make a bowl of instant Vanilla Pudding with 2 cups of cold 2% milk.  (note to readers: you can’t use almond milk to make instant pudding.  you end up with instant … soup)

Hand Modeling potential!

2.  Layer bottom of 13×9 baking dish with graham crackers

4.  Layer with pudding mix & strawberries.

5.  Realize that the next layer of grahams won’t lie flat on whole strawberries.

6.  Food process strawberries and re-layer.

7.  Repeat layering with another round of grahams, pudding mix, & blueberries.

8.  Continue layering until you run out of space, run out of ingredients, or get bored.

9. Wrap it up & let it chill out in the fridge for at least 12 hours.

10. Wait for your family to sing your praises, lift you on their shoulders, and declare July 4th renamed as “Tea-Bag’s Day”

Okay, Miss Smart.  I would like my A+ now!  🙂


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