Atkins Apple Crisp Day Break Bar

I can’t believe I’ve neglected to share this great bar find with you!  I found this Atkins Day Break Apple Crisp Bar at the store a couple of weeks ago and I love it!  I actually love most Atkins products.  They never spike my blood sugar, always taste really good, and squash any hunger I may have.  (not that I only eat them when I’m hungry, they make great treats!)

You know I love a bar with layers – eating the bar in a layer-by-layer fashion allows me to savor it even longer!  Do I take great pleasure in my daily treats?  Yes!  Why shouldn’t I?  Treats are meant to be enjoyed!

I love this bar because it’s got a caramel-y top layer with a cinnamon filled bottom crispy layer.  The top caramel portion tastes more of apples while the bottom is more spice.  I really can’t overstate the cinnamon flavor of the crispy, yogurt dipped bottom!

All together, it’s like a crispy apple pie party in your mouth!

Plus, you get 10 g of protein for a 130 calorie bar!  That’s pretty dang good!


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