How to be a lazy, lazy cook

Wanna know the secret to happiness?

Nope, not eternal love.

Not money, either.

This 1950’s era housewife is not smiling because of her “mommy’s little helper” pills and midday vodka tonics. Nope, she’s happy because she just got a microwave.

Yup, I unapologetically love my microwave.

When I cook for other people, I make the most elaborate, delicious, visually appealing food I can.

When I cook for myself … well, you’ve seen what I eat.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my food.  It’s just not that pretty or elaborate.

Which brings me back to the microwave.  I’ve shown you how I poach eggs in the microwave.  Now I’ll show you how I poach chicken in the microwave.

Place wrapped, thawed chicken in microwave dish with water to cover

microwave for 5 minutes

I don’t know why my microwave is confused about this.

unwrap and nuke for 1-2 minutes

This depends on the strength of your microwave … mine is very strong … but I’m probably just bragging.

cut up or leave whole

And there you have it! Moist, poached chicken in mere minutes! 🙂


6 thoughts on “How to be a lazy, lazy cook

  1. LOLOL I love my microwave. BUT!!! I would never.ever.EVER. get rid of my roasted veggies… you can’t crisp things in the microwave.

    Otherwise, I love it.

    How many breasts of chicken can you cook at once that way?

  2. I love my microwave, but my very very very close second is my George forman!! 🙂 Get one if you don’t already have one- it adds a different spin- and you can spice it up and make it really fun. Not that poached stuff isn’t great, but just for some variety! 🙂

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