apartment hunting ….

Hello lovelies,

I’m sitting at a Starbucks right now, killing time between apartment viewings.  So far the viewings have been great.  Each place has its pros & cons so I’m just weighing them all out.  And yes, I’m a dork, so I’ve made up a table to outline the pros and cons so far.  🙂




Downtown SLO Apt.



  1. Close to campus
  2. Really cute neighborhood
  1. Really, really small & not cute (wouldn’t want to bring friends back)
  2. Utilities do not include electricity or internet

Los Osos Guest House



  1. Has its own yard
  2. Utilities:  electricity & internet, included
  3. Free washer/dryer privileges
  4. Cute town
  5. Right on the water
  1. 30 minutes from campus
  2. No oven, but toaster oven included

Santa Margarita Guest House



  1. Has its own yard
  2. Utilities:  electricity & internet, included
  3. Only 15 minutes from campus
  4. Larger size, Clean & bright
  5. Kitchen includes oven & electric stove
  6. Quiet neighborhood
  1. No real surrounding town but always in SLO to go grocery shopping, etc
  2. No closet
  3. No laundry (but still close to parent’s house for laundry)

Outskirt of SLO Guest House



  1. Utilities include internet & electricity
  2. Washer & dryer privileges
  3. Close to gym/school/cafes/stores
  1.  No oven, no toaster oven included

Yes, $650-$700 for tiny ass studio apartments (some without ovens). Don’t move to California unless you want to live in a box and pay for a mansion (I exaggerate, but barely).

Things with the grandparents are going well.  My grandpa’s downward spiraling health makes me really sad.  The Alzheimer’s is pretty bad – he really doesn’t remember me anymore.  However, my mom bought him a sweet, tricked out walker so it’s easier for him to get around the house.  It’s also so much easier on my grandma to have help taking care of him.  You can just tell there’s a weight lifted off of her shoulders and she’s so much more at peace.  It’s really cute to see them sitting outside and enjoying the deck and cool weather.  I’ll ask her if I can take a picture of them to post.  They really are the cutest ever!

My parent’s nicknames are “Grandma & Grandpa Medium” (because my mom & step-dad are basically the same size & it’s always so cute to buy my stepdad medium-sized shirts).  Now my grandparents are called “Grandma & Grandpa Extra-Small” (because they’re so damn tiny and cute!)

Alright, I need to get to my next appointment.  Hopefully it goes well!


7 thoughts on “apartment hunting ….

  1. Yay! Tables really help me compare stuff so I can totally relate haha 🙂 Sounds like you’ve found some neat ones, can’t wait to hear which you end up choosing!

  2. Sorry about your grandpa!!

    You have some exciting (and nerve-wracking) decisions-you WILL pick the right one, I just know it! Let us know 🙂 PICSSS!!

  3. Sorry about your grandfather chica, I’ve been there. It is certainly a hard thing when your family doesn’t remember you… the best we can do is keep on keepin’!

    I’m glad the apartment hunt has been relatively successful. I’m actually surprised the cost of rent at those places is so cheap. Yes, you don’t get much for your $… but it IS california, you’re right. My sister is still in NJ and she just got an apartment roughly the same size as my own for double my rent, almost.

    If you really wanna live cheap, move to the sticks. Then you just need to learn how to deal with people around you eating road kill.

    Unrelated end to my ranting comment: it is a scary thing when you start to see the logic behind eating a deer you just hit w/ your car – as long as it was JUST hit. Not like you found it. That’s disgusting.

  4. I’d say if it were me shopping I’d be between the first and the third!

    Sorry to hear about the Alzheimers 😦 It’s so good that your grandma doesn’t have to be the sole caretaker now though — I’m sure that is such a relief to her!

  5. good luck with the apartment hunt…I know it’s not easy (or cheap!). And my grandma had Alzheimers. Worst illness ever if you ask me…but what can we do? Just gotta make the best of the things that life offers us!

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