Hey lovies!

I’m gonna be invisible for awhile because it’s moving week!  Oh my, it feels like it’s been moving year!  (we were renting a house for 2.5 years, moved to this one in June, and now I’m moving out!)  I am NEVER moving again. …. yeah, probably not true.

Also, my grandparent’s stuff arrived from Colorado today!  So we’re unloading their stuff today & loading mine up tomorrow!

Like I said, I’m never moving again!  Famous last words.

I’ll leave you with the last cookie I made using Peanut Butter granola bars and peanut butter, one egg, and some milk to soften the granola.


8 thoughts on “M.I.A.

    • i don’t think i ever told you where my gparents were from. it’s actually a pretty cute story: grandpa is second generation japanese & fought for the US during WWII as a translator in Japan where he met my gma. he romanced her, married her, and brought her back to the US! :) i love those two!

    • i’ve moved so many times that i’ve thrown out all the extra stuff! we’re down to the bare basics – when you live in this tiny of a studio, there’s only room for the necessities! 🙂

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