hola party people.

let’s play like old girlfriends and do a round of catch-up.

this weekend has been crazy! (so crazy i will no longer be using caps)

i came back to my parents house on saturday morning, started baking, and haven’t stopped!  i made

  1. oatmeal raisin cookies 
  2. banana pb oatmeal bars 
  3. chocolate layer cake (complete with a true buttercream frosting – that sh*t is a pain in the ass)

i also did my own week’s worth of food prep:

  1. 15 hardboiled eggs (3 egg whites as part of my breakfast every morning)
  2. 5 huge salads in individual tupperware
  3. 2 lbs of chicken breasts poached & divvied up in plastic baggies for lunch
  4. portioned out greek yogurt & cottage cheese

whoa nelly!  i’m EXHAUSTED!!!

plus, i got called in to work last-minute for my stepsis’ catering company at the state fair.  the plus about that was that i got to see the bands backstage while we served all their tour people/stage managers/security guards food!

i watched adam levine do shirtless yoga for about an hour before he went on stage!!!  i also got to hang out with gavin degraw after his set!  by the way, he’s a SUPER nice guy!!!

alright, i’m off to take a nap!

i have big updates on the boy sitch later on this week, too!

plus, i’ll post the recipes for the desserts i made my family, too!


18 thoughts on “ketchup

  1. Dang you’re a cooking and baking machine!! Major kudos my friend 🙂
    And shirtless Adam Levine + Gavin DeGraw in one night? LUCKY! I bet you had sooo much fun. Looking forward to the boy update and the dessert recipes mmm

    • hahaha! i HATE peeling those damn eggs! that’s my least favorite part of prep! my g’ma thought i was crazy, with 3 pots on the stove and tupperware strewn everywhere!

    • yeah, it was pretty awesome! i think i’m going to go to the kid rock show tomorrow! 🙂 btw – i’m totally going to try your golf ball trick later today! 🙂

  2. So it’s the “everything Deb really really wants to eat” diet for the family and the body builders diet for you! You certainly are organized!

    Glad you had fun rubbing shoulders (literally) with famous stars!


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