love life


I hate you. 



Yes my friends, that is 3 strikes for the sh*tty dating website and I am so done with it!  Let’s just provide a brief overview of my recent dates.

  • Remember the new boy with all the promise and the great, endless dates?  Well…….

MARRIED.  Oh, sure, he’s in the process of getting a divorce and he swears it’s been over for years.  Yeah, I’ve seen that Lifetime movie & I know how it ends.  I will not be that cliché!

homie don't play that

  • Then there was a new guy last week & he was also very, very awesome.  Totally got my hopes up and we went on about 5 dates in one week.  He was always calling to hang out, making plans to go camping later on in the summer, and telling me how much he liked me.  Well….

DOESN’T WANT A RELATIONSHIP.  I seriously hope you’re thinking, “Whaaaaa? Doesn’t it seem like that’s where this is headed based on the way he’s been acting?”  Because that’s what I was thinking.  But no, he tells me that he’s leaving for South America in October and will be gone for 5-6 months so he doesn’t want to get emotionally involved with anyone.

We were talking about the difference between “relationship” and “exclusively dating.”  He defined “relationship” as having a strong bond with another person, really starting to care deeply for that person, and sharing your life with that person.

Yeah, that’s what I want.  So, I cut him loose.  We’ll still be friends and hang out but I’m not going to walk into a situation where I know I’m going to feel more for the person than they feel for me.  Just can’t do it.

So in conclusion:  I’m done with actively seeking out men.  If a great guy comes along.  Great.  If not.  Great.

Besides, I’ve got my apartment to love (and boxes I still need to unpack!)

Plus, I’ve got all these other great products I’m having affairs with

Alright, since I’m clearly in love with yogurt, I’m going to go have a cuddle fest with the Key Lime flavored stud-muffin.
Catch y’all later!

15 thoughts on “love life

  1. What a bunch of LOSERS!!! UGH! My friend had the same experience with a date…they really clicked and then he said he didn’t want to be in a relationship…aka booty call. ASS.

    • it’s just so annoying because there are definitely people who write on their profile that they’re not looking for anything serious! that way, people don’t go on dates with people that aren’t looking for the same thing! c’mon, dude!

    • i had a brief fling w/ trader joe’s goat’s milk yogurt & it was awesome. the only reason i gave it up was because it didn’t have as much protein as greek. other than that, true love! so tangy & thick & creamy! 🙂

  2. WHAT?! A MARRIED GUY?!? Eww talk about a douchebag! Sorry to hear about those bums, you deserve a really great guy….or for the time being, a hunky batch of yogurt in a rockin apartment! 😉 I’m currently having a love affair with sunflower seed butter, he and I are now dating exclusively haha

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