oh no you didn’t!

alright, prepare for a no-holds bar rant on my part.  i can’t even use caps i’m so mad!

so there’s this old dude at the gym who sings at the top of his lungs, screams as he’s lifting, & drops the weights from hip height.  he looks like he used to be a power lifter back in the day.

Like this:

Not like this:

So needless to say, he’s a bit of a douche.
Well, today I was on the edge of the stairs next to the wall doing calf raises & I hear him (from across the room) telling some other guy that there’s an idiot on the stairs doing calf raises.  He then proceeds to tell everyone who will listen that there’s an idiot blocking the stairway with their calf raises.

Okay, let me set a few things straight:

  1. It was 6:45am and the stairway was NOT crowded with people.
  2. I have NEVER spoken to this man in my life.
  3. A woman who lifts all the time saw me doing the same calf raises a week ago & commented that more people should utilize the stairs for exercises.
  4. I’m perfect therefore any fault he sees in my behavior is his own problem. …. okay, not really but still, he was being an asshole!

I seriously felt like running to the bathroom to cry.  I am still fairly new to the whole weightlifting thing and I was using the stairs because I’m not entirely sure how to use the calf-raise machine.  I am really insecure in the weight room and so his comments made it doubly worse.

A regular told him to shut up and then came up to me and said for me to take my time.

I was just going to ignore it but then i was like, OH HEEEEEEELLLL NO!

I went up to him and told him what I thought.  The gist of it was, “Hi, my name’s Tianna.  You’re a grown man.  If you have something to say to me, you can say it to my face next time.”

He came up to me later when I was LYING DOWN and foam rolling.  He knealt over me and said, “you’re extremely selfish and self-centered” and then he walked away.

what an asshole!!!

whew, that felt good to vent.  it’s just so infuriating because i would never purposefully be selfish and take up the stairway if it was bothering people.  i wouldn’t have stood there if it was crowded & I would’ve stopped if he had just told me it wasn’t cool.  instead he had to be a huge jerk about it.

okay, i feel better.  thanks for listening … errr… reading …. or scrolling through & skimming.  thank you either way!


25 thoughts on “oh no you didn’t!

  1. Oh. my. God. UNBELIEVABLE. WOW. I have never seen ANYTHING like that in all my life…honestly I think you should let the staff know because I’m sure he treats other people like that (that is to say, like dogs) too and I betcha it’ll drive their membership down. Seriously. What a turd.

    • a trainer was right there and heard the whole thing! i should complain, though – use my innocent looks to my advantage & gain some sympathy. seriously, no one would take his side over mine if we were standing right next to each other. it’s so clearly a case of blatant bullying!

  2. Oh sweet baby jesus it is a good thing that, that was not me listening to that because i would have gone over and said a lot meaner things than you. A lot. I have told off many a “big” guy in my gym.

    FOR THE RECORD: I do standing calf raises on the stairs EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK. That man can suck a fat… yeah, you know what. This makes me wish it was me he said it to. You are not selfish. Maybe if his fat f*cking ass did some work instead of talking so much about everyone else doing work, he’d be in a lot better health.

    • oh man, this is why i love you guys! and i am SO glad you said that you use the stairs, too! i was really worried everyone was going to say the stairs were off-limits!i should show him your buff-ass pics & be like, “yeah, she has my back!” :)and she can lift more than you!hahaha!

  3. that sucks. Now it’ll be uncomfortable when you see him there. I hate that shit. obviously this is a problem with him not with you. and usually gyms are pretty friendly ‘we’re all in this together’ places. so sorry, Tianna. 😦 You’ll move on though.

    • thank you for your support! i did see him today and we pretty much ignored each other. i decided that if he does say anything to me, i’m just going to be so super nice to him that he won’t be able to respond unkindly. i will curse him in my head and be obnoxiously nice and polite to his face. i’ll kill him with my sweetness. and by the look of his belly, he likes sweets!

  4. What the crap is wrong with people these days?!?!?! DOUCHE WITH A CAPITAL D!!! Ugggh this just made me so angry, I hope he can feel the invisible daggers coming from this gang of lifting ladies. I bet we could beat the crap outta that loser 😉

  5. THAT IS BEYOND OUT OF LINE!!!! what a d-bag. For real. And I don’t say that word often 😉

    i am so sorry that incident happened–you were NOT in the wrong in ANY way!!

  6. you should have said that you have a rare calf condition and the stairs are the only place your PT wants you to strengthen them. If you don’t, they might fall off and you would have chicken legs. hahahaha! I so would have made up some bizarre story. He’s a dork1

  7. Oh my god…this is so funny (and disturbing)! Thanks for finding me, I’m a new subscriber to yours too! Love your humor and honesty. PS – Didn’t we have a “blogger meet-up” last night 😉 But we do need to hang out before I leave, ok?

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