AssHat Update

Thank you Christina, for my new favorite term (AssHat, i.e. the mofo at the gym who got all up in my face!)

Also, thank you all for your support!  It really made me feel better to know that you were all behind me!

It turns out the people at the gym are on my side, too!

One of the regulars came up to me today and said that everyone was proud of me for sticking up for myself and not to let that guy bother me because he’s just an asshole.

He also told me that the AssHat carries around a trashcan while he works out … to THROW UP IN!!!  Yes, he carries around a trash can for the express purpose of vomiting and then continues to work out & continues to cart around the puke-containing-garbage can.

God forbid anyone stand still in the stairway, but it’s perfectly alright to expose everyone around you to your nasty puke.

Goodness gracious.

I decided that if he says anything more to me, I am just going to be obnoxiously nice and polite back to him.  Let him try to be mean to me then!  It’s hard to be mean to someone who does nothing but smiles back!

And I will be doing extra calf raises.

My calves are going to get so friggin’ BUFF!!!


18 thoughts on “AssHat Update

    • i wish those were my calves!!! that guy is gross! i wasdescribing him tosomeone at the gym, and they were like, “oh, that disgusting guy?” i guess i’m not the only one who feels that way!

  1. That’s great the others at the gym are backing you and despise him too, ughh I still can’t believe how big of a douche he was. I like your gameplan–Kill him with kindess–atta girl! 😀

  2. EW. Eeeeew. I understand throwing up once in a while if a workout is SUPER SUPER tough (I’ve only done it once, after a rest-pause heavy leg day — key term being AFTER) but seriously? Carting around your puke? HELLO biohazard..

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