the man of my dreams

You want to know why I’m falling HEAD OVER HEELS for this new guy, J?
It’s not because he’s the nicest guy I’ve ever met. (which he is)
It’s not because he writes music, takes amazing pictures, & reads poetry. (which he does)
It’s not because he’s a guy’s guy who mountain bikes, is a bad-ass swimmer, & will go on a hike with me at the drop of a hat. (which he will)
It’s also not because he accepts me for who I am & the struggles I have been through/continue to go through. (which he does)

(alright, those are all reasons i’m falling for this guy big time … but you want to know why i have faith in the strength of this relationship?)


The other day we were sitting around & he mentioned that tuna & hummus might be really good all mixed together. I practically peed my pants with excitement & knew I had to get on that idea super quick!  So, without further ado…

(ps, if you weren’t already puking over my gushiness, the weirdness of the next food combo might be just enough to push you over the edge!)

aka beany, gassy goodness


aka fishy, bad-breath producing goodness


aka salt-free, spice-compilations of heaven


aka spicy, stolen hot sauce


aka fishy, gassy, bad-breath producing love dip


12 thoughts on “the man of my dreams

  1. Bahahaha!!! You crack me up!
    #1 I’m SO freaking excited for you!!
    #2 Even though the tuna hummus love dip may make some stinky doom, at least yall can stink together 😀
    #3 I’m kinda tempted to try that combo…

  2. I’m SOOOO happy for you! He does sound like a pretty awesome guy.
    TUNA AND HUMMUS IS THE BEST THING EVER. It’s the only thing I ever mix tuna with… and also salsa. I love salsa and tuna. I’m glad he appreciates it too 😀
    and to your quesiton that you sent me the other day that I read but completely forgot to respond to: My parents do in fact like my boyfriend haha 🙂

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