I blame her …

I blame this one for my bloating and gassiness.  She introduced me to the most wonderful yogurt in the world and I have eaten it almost every day since I first dipped my spoon/finger/face into it laid eyes on it.

i have climbed into the yogurt case in order to get the last of this dairy-gold

I make huge bowls of this manna from heaven plus unsweetened almond milk, cereal, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and …. well, whatever else I can possibly fit in there.  Sometimes I stick it in the freezer to make it nice and chilly.  Sometimes I stick it straight in my belly.

The problem is:  I’m lactose intolerant.  So, small bits of yogurt here and there are perfectly A-OK.  Big bowls of yogurt twice a day once in a while =

This smart educator of the foodie masses also posted a recipe to recreate the crack that is carrot cake yogurt.  Did I learn my lesson from bloating & odor-emanating-from-da-butt?

Nope.  I made the recipe.

Did I follow the recipe, ensuring success and happiness?

Of course, I did not follow the recipe.  That would be too easy.

Carrot Cake Yogurt adapted from Miss Smart’s random creation-station

Plain Jane


in my defense, Sarah said her boiled & processed carrots looked like baby food. i just skipped a step.

Then I added 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice, 1/4 cup of splenda, & 1/2 tsp vanilla extract.

Mixed it all up and then ate it up.

Result, forget you Kroger Carbmaster, I am the Master!!!!

Master of these Carbs

For this, I blame her.

yup, couldn't help it


18 thoughts on “I blame her …

  1. You’re lactose intolerant?! That blows! I think I would die considering all of the yogurt and cottage cheese I have on a daily basis haha
    DUDE you’re so right about that Kroger yogurt though, it’s deliciously addictive. I’m diggin this recipe experimenting, what an awesome alternative! You are the master INDEED. 😀

  2. can you send me your gun pic for my next post?? YAY!! I’ve heard great things about that carbamaster yogurt…your baby food face is CRACKING ME UP!!

  3. LOL I am with Christina, the baby face picture is HILARIOUS! hahaha

    PS. Your version is probz 100x healthier anyway without the extra additives —> WIN.

  4. hahahaha the pictures are hilarious.
    I’ve been seeing that carbmaster yogurt EVERYWHERE but we don’t have a kroger near us so maybe that’s why I can’t find any..
    Sorry about the lactose intolerance. I have it to but I don’t let it stop me haha I take dairy lactase enzymes to help reduce the bloating. I love my yogurt too much 🙂

  5. I’ll have to see if I can come up with a dairy free carrot cake recipe. My daughter came back after two weeks gone and said “umm mom remember me, your lactose intolerant daughter?” You see, I made a cheese and zucchini casserole, cheesy rissoto and bbq chicken for dinner.

  6. LOL I love the baby food pic hahaha. You are too cute!!!

    I’ve heard great things about this yogurt! However I shall have to live vicariously through you. I am lactose intolerant and a giant….uh well I don’t want to drop foul language alllllll over your blog…BUT I will get it for Max 😉

    • j and i poked & laughed at my huge belly last night! there were actually spots with huge, weird bulges – i was like, don’t push too hard! hahaha, i need some gas-x pronto!

  7. I’m lactose intolerant too! And often “forget” that when enticed by a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream from Blue Bell. I found your blog from Cotter Crunch and really enjoyed it.

    • i’m so glad you found my blog! i always “forget” about my lactose intolerance when i see a big tub of frozen yogurt!:) arctic zero makes some good cookies & cream “ice cream” that’s easy to digest! (it is super expensive, though!)

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