Stupid monkey made me do it

Have you seen this jar of nut butter?

The Bee’s Knees:  used to mean ‘something small and insignificant’ but the meaning changed in 1920 to ‘an outstanding person or thing.’ 
I wonder how many fights started in 1920 from this misunderstanding?

Take a closer look at this jar:

Wizard of Oz flying monkey ... if Dorothy was a blogger. She'd also probably wear a hear rate monitor on the Yellow Brick Road and show pics of the calorie burn/avg heart rate.

This is the basic conversation J & I had when I saw this jar in the store:

What is that monkey doing advertising a honey flavored peanut butter?  Monkeys don’t like honey!  Monkeys like bananas!  It should be a banana flavored peanut butter!

Thankfully, J indulges these random lines of thoughts and outbursts of sudden (useless) conviction.

So I cam home determined to make banana peanut butter.

Strictly in order to right the wrong of that misleading label.  I don’t want little kids trying to feed honey to monkeys! …

Alright, there’s another reason, and I hesitate to tell you because it makes J seem so perfect that you won’t believe he’s real.

He LOVES to put peanut butter on his fruit.  Swear to goodness, he did this before he met me! 

I figured, why not add some TJ flattened bananas to peanuts to make a fruity nut butter?  However, this experiment led to more of a Lara Bar type snack … oh well, it was still delicious!

Banana Honey Peanut Butter … Bars/Bites/Chews … just put them in your mouth 

—> —>

I can’t give you a recipe because I basically just threw it all in the food processor & crossed my fingers.  When I realized it wasn’t turning buttery (I blame the TJ’s flattened bananas) I added oats to turn it into bars.
Verdict?  He’s perfect.  Oh, wait, I mean the bars were great! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Stupid monkey made me do it

  1. I always wondered about that monkey too, I mean seriously WTF!? Your bar/chewy/creation looks really good actually, that’ll be convenient for on the go fo sho! 🙂

  2. Did you know the PB company is a small, hole in the wall restaurant in NYC? I had been there once before and bought their cinnamon raisin PB and coveted it like it was gold…until I realized they started selling their products in all major grocery stores.

    • i only knew about the pb company’s restaurant from some food network show. i’ve never actually bought any of the nutbutters, though, because i keep thinking i can make them myself (but then i never do). pride + laziness = story of my life

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