a whole new world

i can show you the world ... of weird food!

Lately I’ve been introducing J to some of my random, gross food habits & quirks!  And, to his credit, he has tried every single one!

1) I taught him how I like to eat sardines.  (first split them open, pull out the spine & eat that first. then eat the little bodies)

2) He tried the ubiquitous pb on sweet potatoes!  (potatoes were roasted in foil in the campfire – sooooo good!)

btw, tj's pb is so good & drippy!

3) He already eats pb on bananas (he did this one on his own – it turns out it’s not just a blog thing!) But, he tried Justin’s chocolate pb on bananas last night!

yes, that is a plastic plate because all my dishware is still in my parent's garage!

Yeah, that doesn’t seem too adventurous, but just you wait …

4) We were standing in my kitchen eating the fruit & pb when I noticed the TJ’s basil plant sitting on my table.  What if ….

menage a nut butter

Three is NOT a crowd.    Three is a PARTY IN MY MOUTH!!!


Basil & nut butter.  The odd couple that belong together!


16 thoughts on “a whole new world

  1. I have a feeling I’ll be singing Aladdin all day long now haha Woohoo for Disney and freaky food combos!
    I honestly think nut butters can make anything tasty…next thing you know you’ll see me posting about how it tastes great with tree bark or car tires hahaha! 😉
    Have an awesome day!

    • thank goodness he doesn’t mind my style of eating! case in point, dinner last night: we both ate out of one huge mixing bowl filled with steamed veggies, canned oysters, salsa, & anchovies! 🙂

  2. As soon as I saw the title that’s the song I started to sing in my head! LOL
    I’m glad he’s interested in some of your food styles 🙂 I think that’s awesome. Esepcially the PB and sweet potato. Oh my gosh people just don’t know what they’re missing out on!!
    I must say I’ve never tried basil with PB but heck if I ever have some laying around maybe I will

    • oh man, every time you bring up marmite i get a serious hankering! i need that in my life! you’re going to be surrounded by it soon, though!

      dude, brilliant thought: you CAN’T go to new zealand w/out a trip to ca first! 🙂

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