good people deserve good things

this post is in tribute to a wonderful woman.  Lindsay is a great blogger, an inspiration in the gym & the kitchen, and an example of how to live a life gracefully & beautifully.  Despite the hundreds of comments she gets on her posts, she always takes the time to thoughtfully respond.  She makes each reader feel important and really heard.  She was one of the first blogs I began to read and I never cease to be excited each time I see her name pop up in my Google reader.

Her strength was recently tested by the Texas fires and thankfully she came out unscathed.  Her plight called the blog world’s attention to that disaster but there were others were who were not as fortunate as her.

Please visit for ways you can help.

Let’s lend our hearts, our prayers, and our support to those people in need.  And Lindsay, I’m glad you’re safe!


2 thoughts on “good people deserve good things

  1. i woke up this morning to a reader full of blogs that I had not read. I saw yours, opened it, and almost began to cry. WOW! thank you for this! You are the one who inspires me. A heart that gives and gives.

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