so elvis walked into my kitchen …

sounds like a joke, right?  well, you won’t be laughing when you see this magical creation.

can a sandwich be magical?  ….

why, yes it can.

i have de-throned the sandwich king.

victory is MINE!!!! (insert evil laughter)


"Fakin' Bacon" ain't fakin' no one

nuttzo, banana, more nuttzo ... i'm a nutso

defiled w/ poor excuse for bacon

cooked up french toast-style ... and yes, i had to look up how to cook french toast

the king would've been proud ... luckily the nuttzo/banana & his opiates would have covered up the tempeh taste!



7 thoughts on “so elvis walked into my kitchen …

  1. Holy yummies this indeed looks magical! And hey it’s okay, I have no idea how to cook French toast either, I’m the worst excuse for a home chef ever haha 😛
    Have a great Saturday!

    • it isn’t bacon! it’s a (yucky) tempeh version of bacon! max would probably love the “real” bacon version of it – i know j would have liked it a lot more if the bacon was real!

  2. Ah girl this looks seriously dense! I’m thinking it would be the perfect slightly healthier post-drink munchies ‘snack’! Love your recipes

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