jumping on the (blogger) bandwagon

Well, in this case of the blogger bandwagon, it was more like I was running to catch up, fell on my face, and realized the dirt tasted good.

Sometimes failure tastes good!

Let me explain ….

We’ve all seen the protein pancakes floating around the blog-o-sphere.  I’ve often been tempted by these delicious looking pucks o’ protein.

Fitnessista's protein pancake


Christina's Protein Pancakes

HEAB'S Protein Pancake

These pancakes are all beautiful, look delicious, and are probably served on white linen with small cups of tea, and upturned pinkies.

However, my pancakes did not turn out this way.

I blame …. my pan.  I probably should have followed a recipe.

Protein Pancakes

1 (30 g) scoop of ON Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

1/4 cup egg beaters

1/4 tsp baking powder

still looking good ...

The problems started when I tried to flip the sucker.  I should have poured small pancakes and cooked them individually.  Instead, I got lazy & poured the whole she-bang in the pan at once.

The result?  A protein pancake …. scramble.

shame ... if pancakes had cheeks, this one would be blushing

Still tasted good, though!


10 thoughts on “jumping on the (blogger) bandwagon

  1. I am now forever referring to pancakes as “pucks o protein” haha! And I actually kinda like your scramble idea, it looks good! I bet it would taste delicious crumbled up in yogurt 🙂

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