keys to MY heart

I posted the other day about how I won over J’s affection so I thought I’d be corny sweet and post how he won me over.

Not with jewelry.

Most of my jewelry has some special meaning from different parts of my life & virtually none of it is worth any monetary value.

Not with fancy dinners.

Most of J & my dinners consist of steamed or sautéed veggies and some sort of canned fish (tuna, sardines, anchovies).  The other day we got CRAZY and grilled snapper.  We’re wild over here.  Wild.

Not with dozens of roses.

 I’ve always thought buying flowers was silly.  Why spend money on something that’s going to die in a few days?  Instead, I have framed pictures of flowers hanging on my wall.

Instead, J has won me over through the many little things he does every day. 

He leaves me notes in my car window.  He always insists on carrying my bag (yes, I’m perfectly capable of carrying my own bags, but it’s nice to be taken care of sometimes). He texts me every day just to let me know he’s thinking about me. 

He brings me Trader Joe’s goodies.

And the last great thing he did for me?  He hid a card in my backpack with this adorable unicorn attached.

This card couldn’t have come on a better day.  My new shoes ripped my heels apart so badly I couldn’t wear them and didn’t have a change with me.  I had to walk barefoot across campus and through side streets to get to my car – crossing the hot gravel barefoot gave me more blisters on the bottom of my feet.  I was stressed and I was tired.  But I got this card and I smiled.

That’s the key to my heart.  A smile.


12 thoughts on “keys to MY heart

  1. Awwww 😀 This post just made my day! That was so sweet of him to give you a card, and a unicorn card at that! He sounds like a keeper to me 😉 I’m so glad you two found each other!

  2. awww that’s the sweetest thing! I love little surprised like that. Once, when I was in undergrad, my boyfriend (who was living an hour away) “April Foolsed” me by getting my friend to lead me outside pretending to play an April Fools prank that he was there, and then sneaking in my room while I was gone and surprising me. I screamed bloody murder upon finding a man in my room, but then I was happy haha

    • i would so much rather get a surprise (especially when it’s heartfelt) than an expensive gift! :) how’s it been living with the boy? seems like you two are doing so well!


    • he’s definitely a keeper! :) i also forgot to write that the card is a little kid’s birthday card! which, i think, makes it even better!


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