a little less bloat, a little more hope

Hey friends,

As you may recall from previous posts, dairy and I are not best friends.  I wouldn’t call us enemies because I do looooove greek yogurt messes filled with cottage cheese, greek yogurt, fruits, wheat bran, the kitchen sink.  However, a few hours later and my stomach (as well as all those within smelling distance around me) are not happy.

I bloat, I moan, I groan … I … expel.

Add to that the HUGE amount of vegetables I eat every day.

You can spot me ... I'm the one with chopsticks and a bottle of mustard

It’s not a good situation.

So, when Swanson ever so graciously provided me with a gift certificate to purchase products for review on my blog I jumped on the chance.

Why you may ask?

  1. Swanson has TON of healthy living products (ranging from food to eco-friendly household supplies to supplements to DIGESTIVE ENZYMES!!!)
  2. Swanson already has low prices so I knew I could get a lot for the generous gift certificate they gave me
  3. I’ve heard great things about Swanson so I already wanted to try out their products & customer service in order to start regularly ordering from them.

I promptly placed my order:

I started using the Dark Chocolate Stevia right away.

There are no words for how much better this makes my protein muffins & microwave cookies!  Extra chocolatey & sweet & without being bitter … okay, I guess there are words.

I’ve also been adding the Stevia Extract to my pumpkin & yogurt mixes.

Let me tell you, when it comes to stevia, this is NOT my first time around the block! I’ve been using this stuff for awhile & have had my fair share of NASTY, bitter, off-tasting stevia.  This stuff was great and I will re-order it as soon as I run out. (btw, that probably won’t be for quite some time because a little goes a long way!)

The reason I waited to write this post was because I wanted to give the enzymes time to work.  I’ve been taking the Digestive Enzymes before my large, veg-filled meals (aka, every single thing i eat) and the Dairy Enzymes before my morning greek yogurt. I’ve also been adding cottage cheese back into my diet with great success!

As the title says, “a little less bloat, a little more hope.”

Hope that I can eat large amounts of dairy & broccoli without the large amounts of gas … because god forbid i do anything in moderation!

Swanson, my taste buds thank you, my belly thanks you, and my boyfriend thanks you!!!

Are you interested in getting some free Swanson Health Products goodies to review on your own blog? Then check out the Swanson Health Blog for all the details.


11 thoughts on “a little less bloat, a little more hope

  1. Swanson is the bomb, eh? 🙂 I was about to buy that exact chocolate extract stuff yesterday at the store but was worried it’d be nasty. You know where I’m goin today, thanks for the review! 😀
    Have a great Friday bud!

    • i once spooned (a little) bit of some crap stevia into my (really expensive hippy-dippy-coffee-house) coffee and had to pour the whole thing out! boo crap stevia!


  2. DARK CHOCOLATE stevia!?! how did I not know of this magical sounding product? I have to order my stevia through iherb, as it’s not readily available in Australia, (if it is, it’s SUPER expensive). I’ve just got the NuNaturals Vanilla which is pretty good I must say…. but chocolate sounds incredible – so good for baking + oatmeal etc. Yummo. Hope the digestive enzymes do the trick 🙂

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