Going underground

hello party people!

i hope you all are enjoying a relaxing weekend, sitting by a lake, relishing in an indian summer.

Well, you all can

I’ll be camped out in the library studying for my two midterms next week.  Don’t feel too bad for me, though.

I have an AMAZING goodie box sent from a pretty lil lady in Texas!

I’m a bad blogger and couldn’t wait to take pictures of these bars before I tore into them (so I stole pics from other, more patient, bloggers).  I did save the wrappers, though!  (Mainly to remind myself of the brand and flavor because they were SO GOOD! and I need them in my life).

I shamelessly ate the PureFit bar in the Post Office parking lot!  (yes, I opened the box while still in the parking lot!)  It’s great!  Super peanut-y, rich tasting, and great stats!

Picture from AlmostVeganChef

I ate the Kashi on a long 45 minute drive that happened right around dinner time (4pm for senior citizens like me) when I was about to gnaw my arm off.  I’ve professed my love for Kashi Roll bars before and this one did not disappoint!  These things are the best!

Picture from Coach Levi

I ate the Picky Bar post workout because it’s got the perfect 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio for re-fueling!  It was delicious!  Like the love child between a manly granola & a dainty larabar!

picture from Lauren Fleshman

I’ll be diving into the rest of the contents as the weekend progresses and my will to cook weakens.  I forsee many a yogurt bowls filled with these:

and statistic pages stained with fingerprints of these:

Thank you Alex!!!

I’ll still be taking reading breaks to troll around your blogs but I probably won’t be commenting much (or at least I shouldn’t be … time is a tickin’ and these facts need memorizing!)

Hope you all have a good weekend & a great week!  I’ll be back on Thursday or Friday!


8 thoughts on “Going underground

  1. Ahhhh yay!!! I’m so glad you liked the goodies!! Aren’t those pure fit bars addictive?! I’m 100% head over heels for em 😉
    Good luck with all your studying! Unfortunately, I feel your pain…I’ve been procrastinating mine too long haha

  2. Good luck lady!! You’ll do great.

    Also: ALL of my books (textbooks & reading-for-pleasure books) have fingerprints or food stains of some kind on them. It’s kind of embarrassing. But at least I’m not alone!!!

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