tester, tester

Hey there party people! hope you all had a great week!  I missed you all! 

Well … that’s a dirty lie.  I totally kept reading all your blogs, I just didn’t comment.  I tried to stay away from my Google Reader, but your interesting lives / recipes / workouts kept calling me back! 

Those little study breaks weren’t too detrimental, though – I got a B+ on my Stat midterm and I think I did well on my Sports Nutrition & Metabolism class! 

So what did I do after an intense week of studying followed by two 8+ hour days of work in the office playing catch-up?

I did what any normal late-20 something would do. (damn it felt old to write that)

Nope, I food prepped for the week and tested recipes. Smile 

I’ll tease you with pictures now and post the recipes this week because I’m too tired and lazy to keep typing this post super sneaky and want to peak your interest.

All of these recipes have secret ingredients!

     Chocolate Pudding                            Cheese Sauce (Macaroni went un-pictured)


Tomato Dipping Sauce (katsup-esque)                                   Brownies

018                     Spinach Brownies

Whew! This housewife (without a house … and not a wife) is wiped out!  I’m headed to bed but I’m so glad to be back in the blog-o-sphere!  You all can expect many witty, insightful, and thought-provoking comments on your blogs in the days to come!

Good to know my humility is still intact.


10 thoughts on “tester, tester

  1. Everything looks yummy! My posting is pretty low at the moment as well haha – adjusting to a new job and what not. But I’m hoping to have a really productive Saturday. Can’t wait to see your recipes 😀

    • hope the new job is going well (even if it’s taking up a lot of your time!) love productive saturdays (i actually like them better than lazy sundays) 🙂


  2. Neeeeeed your recipes now! They all look amaze. You can party next weekend haha. And who is this baby making laptop essay writing look so cute!?

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