I’m beddy beddy fancy

Welcome to my exclusive gym:


It’s extremely hard to obtain membership.  In fact, due to extreme space limitations the super-special-exclusivity, only one person is allowed in the gym at a time.

Browse through my expensive equipment:


Take a look at my Personal Trainers:


Ogle at the gym-rats:


(Yes, it looks like I’m poo-ing)

Drool over the smoothie (in a bowl) bar:


I actually have a membership to a really nice gym but every Saturday sometimes I wake up and just know in my heart that I will literally scream if I have to be surrounded by these people.

So, on days like these, I make like a hermit and exercise at home … in my super, fancy gym filled with super, fancy people. Smile

What at home workout methods do you guys use?  I’ve been incorporating Lindsey’s 30-minute Thursdays and also some workouts I’ve found on Pinterest.  I’m always looking for new ideas, though!


14 thoughts on “I’m beddy beddy fancy

  1. I love your fancy shmancy gym equipment. Jump rope is a seriously good workout!. I’m sweating bullets 5 minutes in… after the occasional tripping on the rope itself. I haven’t tried the kettleball workouts yet but I hear they’re amazing! What size would you recommend for a newbie?

    • i totally have lash marks from trying to do cross-overs during my jump rope routine yesterday! i use a 15lb kettlebell but you might want an 8-10lb to start off. the weight is deceptive, though,because you’re using momentum and a lot of hip thrust, lower body work, ab stabilization to get it moving!


  2. I wanna be a member! 😀 it looks quite lush and with those guns, you must have some awesome instructors, if I do say so myself heehee
    I like plyos for home workout, they always get the blood pumpin for me!

    • i forgot to tell you the best part! no fee for towels! woo-hoo! 🙂 btw – i haven’t seen that lame-o for a long time! i think my bulging muscles scared him off!


  3. I JUST BOUGHT THE SAME PINK GYMBOSS TIMER!!!!!!! How do you like it? Is it awesome? I accidentally shipped mine to my parental units’ house so I have to wait for it… I downloaded a tabata timer app on my (new and awesome as of yesterday) droid to use until I get it.

    God, I wish I looked that excited to take a sh** too. LOL

    • i do really like it! i have a tabata timer, too, on my ipod touch, but sometimes it’s convenient not to have to carry the ipod. plus, it’s so damn cute! the instructions were probably the worst written directions i’ve ever read, but after i figured it out i was in love! ps – re: my face, i didn’t eat all that fiber for nothing! i worked hard for that excitement! 🙂


      • NICE. Yeah, I will bust my phone up if I take it to the gym enough times. I’d really prefer not to jack it up, tbh. Know that I will be hitting you up for instructional advice.

        Check out this woman’s site: http://www.myomytv.com/ she is where I heard of the gymboss timer and she has some KILLER workouts with it. Woman has an a** with it’s own zip code too, in the sense possible of course. (I think I have a really weird obsession with building a huge toosh. I hope it isn’t *too* strange LOL)

      • it’s only weird if you name it. 🙂 i’m obsessed with abs – part of the reason why i love that crazy zuzana. i haaaaate her voice, though! drives me crazy!


  4. haha nice! I used to like to workout in my home using a resistance band and some free weights but I haven’t done that I a while. I’ve increased my weights quite a bit at this point. I totally understand the want to not be in the gym sometimes. But now I usually either grin and bear it or go on a run.

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