Live and Learn

Nope, this post is not going to be about profound life lessons learned in this curvy path of life.

I’m not that deep.

It’s about Deb’s Protein Muffins.

Picture Coutesy of Deb

Deb’s Protein Muffin

I’ve raved about her protein muffins before and I recently tried them out again with much success.  However, I did comment that they were a little dry when I made them with oat flour.

Fortunately, for me (unfortunately for my wallet and ever-diminishing shelf space) the “Smoothie Girl” saved the day & dropped some knowledge on my … blog.

She told me that coconut flour was really the only way to go when it comes to these protein muffins.

What can I say, the lady knows her way around a protein muffin.  So, I immediately went to the natural foods store and picked up some coconut flour from the bulk foods section.

Result?  These things are 10 times better with coconut flour!

In fact, my life is 10 times better with coconut flour!

This stuff makes the BEST, fudgiest, dense protein muffins and I find, because the flour is so heavy, you need half the amount.  I’ve also tried them with the zucchini add-in option.  Sooooo good.

Of course, I have been making them without the stevia because of the Sugar-Free Challenge!

Coconut flour is so delicious, the muffins are still good without sweetness!  I’ve been spooning the flour up dry and dusting it on top of yogurt bowls.  Yup kids, nothing is safe with me.  I can’t eat anything like a normal person!

Have you tried coconut flour?  Thoughts?  I would ask for suggestions of other good alternative flours, but frankly I don’t have the shelf space for anything new!


14 thoughts on “Live and Learn

  1. Hey girl, try making protein cookie dough with it. It makes it like actual DOUGH and is so effing good I can’t stop eating it. Just mix up the whey + coconut flour (and I add some coconut oil for s’s & g’s) + whatever flavorings you like. Then add water tbsp by tbsp until it’s the consistency you like.

    It’s a lot fluffier than traditional ‘cookie dough’ but I like it SOOO much more!

    • holy jooby goodnes – this sounds awesome!  i’ve heard of protein cookie dough but never w/ added in coconut flour. i’m doing it as soon as the sugar free challenge is over and i can use the good prot powder instead of this tasteless sugar-free … stuff!


  2. Dude I wanna try it SO bad but haven’t been able to bring myself to shell out the big bucks for it…screw it, I’m splurging this weekend and gettin some!! 😀 I can only imagine how tasty it is!

    • when you bake from it, do you sub it 1:1 for other flours or do you alter the recipe. i’ve read that you should use less b/c of the increased fat & fiber content.


  3. Oh yay! I am never sure if people listen to my ramblings-either on my blog or in comments on theirs, so this makes me happy!

    And now I’m going to try the cookie dough trick mentioned above!! I might even make them small and pop them in the freezer for a short time before adding them to my ice cream! MMMm. THanks in advance Juliet!

    • oh wow – frozen cookie dough! that used to be my FAVORITE ice cream! that would be so good! also, i’ve been undercooking the protein cakes a little so they’re nice and custardy. i bet they’d be good chilled & custardy, too!


  4. whoa. I’ve been so hesitant to buy coconut flour because it is so pricy. Can you make it by grinding up coconut? I’d like to try it, especially if it improves protein micro muffins, of which I am so fond.

    • hmmm… i think if you grind up coconut flakes you’ll end up with coconut butter (still good, though – that stuff is delicious!) you might try it though – either way it’s a win!


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