Mums the Word Sneaky Sugar Edition


23 thoughts on “Mums the Word Sneaky Sugar Edition

  1. Are you cutting out all sugars or just added sugars? I know they add sugar to a lot of fruit products but what about the natural sugar in fruit? (I’m not criticizing, this is out of genuine curiosity!)

    PS. I got your email and have just been sucking wind at answering ANYONE’s emails. I loved it so much and will get back to you shortly.

    • i’m cutting out all added sugar. my rule is, if it’s added to sweeten the food, it’s added sugar. for example: dates used to bind larabars are not added sugar butthe “blueberry juice concentrate” in the blueberry muffin larabar is added to add sweetness. another example is the debate j & i had regarding whether it was ok to add bananas to plain greek yogurt. i said that it was ok as long as the point of adding bananas was the extra fruit and not purely to sweeten the greek yogurt. hope this makes sense!


      • That makes total sense! I think natural sugars are fine, but added sugars are tough. That’s one of the things I wish labels explained the difference between: the amount of sugar naturally in a product vs. what they’ve loaded in there.

      • Exactly! I once heard two women at the dairy case looking at PLAIN yogurt and saying they couldn’t eat it because it had too much sugar! i wanted to scream that it was natural sugar and not added!


  2. I totally chew gas-x all the time. I get MAJOR gas and have NO idea how to solve the problem. I actually get intense stitches in my ribs because the trapped gas is so severe. I need to gain some weight and don’t really exercise; I’m pretty confused.

    • sounds like you might be have a reaction to food you’re eating – i used to get the same pains after eating dairy before i knew i was lactose intolerant. i would suggest seeing a doctor because that type of discomfort isn’t normal! hope you feel better!


      • Im really hooked on yogurt…I love it…I also use whey protein powders….oye.

        How do you not eat dairy or whey?
        What kind of powders do you use? A typical day of eating?

      • keep in mind, that’s just my case. a doctor can more appropriately diagnose your food intolerances, if you do have any!


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