Home Home on the Range

Where the Deer

and the antelope PLAY!!!!

Well, this antelope wasn’t playing …

Antelope spaghettie


Christina kept making my hungry with her pics of broccoli slaw and meatball spaghetti so I did what any blogger would do.

I totally copied her and took all the credit when J loved it.

Thanks!  The only thing I did differently was add ground antelope.

Honestly, the I don’t think the antelope tasted any differently than lean ground beef.  The only reason I used it was because I saw it at the store and, well, I already confessed that I can’t walk by something new without trying it.

Still, marinara and broccoli slaw are a match made in heaven!

Have you ever tried antelope?  What are your favorite alternative red meats?


8 thoughts on “Home Home on the Range

  1. I’ve never had antelope before, I bet it was tasty! Kangaroo is my favorite alternative to red meat for sure, it’s just like filet mignon! I just wish I could go back to Australia to eat it haha 😉

  2. I don’t eat a lot of red meat anymore, and when I do, I prefer just regular grass fed beef, but I’ve had venison and it was okay.

    • i think you’re spot on about being choosey regarding your meats. if you’re going to eat red meat – eat less and make it good! sure, it’s more expensive but we probably shouldn’t be eating a ton of it either!


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