Sequestered Sunday

I mentioned before that some Sundays I like to play hermit and stay inside all day.  I literally don’t step foot outside my apartment’s walls. 

It’s actually kind of nice.  Most of the week, I’m running around like a mad woman and Sundays are my days to just veg out at home and study in my PJs.  Plus, when you’re alone, showering is optional.

Usually Sunday is my rest day.  But since the gym workers are lazy want to spend Thanksgiving with their family and close the gym on Thursday, I decided to take Thursday off and work out today. 

Below is my at-home workout and boy was it a doozy!

10 min Jump Rope warm-up

Oxygen Magazine Ultimate Glutes Workout

3 rounds:  45 seconds work / 10 seconds rest

15 lbs weight

split squat dumbbell curl
burpee push-up
half-way squat row
glutes bridge w/ flye
reverse lunge stiff-legged deadlift
one-arm press step-up
donkey kick plank


2 rounds:  30 seconds work / 10 seconds rest

side lifts – right
side lifts – left
lower leg lifts

Naomi’s 480 rep workout  (only finished 1/2 because I was a tired puppy!)

2, 4, 6, 8, 10 reps of each exercise

squat jumps
floor jacks
high plank shoulder taps
jump lunges
shoulder push-ups

And that’s all!  Now I’m off to sit on my bum and work on my presentation for Advanced Nutrition & Metabolism Class.  I’m becoming well versed in the world of BCAA supplementation if anyone is curious …


13 thoughts on “Sequestered Sunday

  1. Your Sunday hermitage is what I’m doing today haha It’s so fun to just lounge in PJs all day and only see the light of day to take out the trash 😉
    Loving the workout, it looks like a great way to start the week off with a bang!

    • hmmm… taking out the trash is probably a good idea … especially since the wrapping from j and my smoked salmon is beginning to make this closet-like apartment smell of fish market!


  2. My sunday’s been pretty relaxed as well! I’ve finally gotten around to reading some blogs. I’ll probably actually post tonight haha I went to the movies today with a friend and saw the new Twilight Movie – Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. It was good!

    • my mom actually read the whole twilight series – i told her i’d see it with her, but she turned me down! :) i have to admit, i was glad. i loved harry potter but couldn’t stand twilight! hunger games, on the other hand – i’m obsessed!


  3. You made me laugh with your shower optional day, and feel a bit less dirty next time I stay in my four walls, which wait a minute, might be tomorrow, heeheehee. My plan for tomorrow? Sleeping in, not getting up at 4am, then breakfast, and maybe a movie or two, IF it is real nice, I might go for a walk, but nothing too wild. Ahhh love lazy days!

  4. So awesome to hear from you. I love my days when I stay in PJ’s and watch movies all day long. I probably only do that like 2 or 3 times a year, but I love it!!

    • oh 2 or 3 times a year is not enough! i’m already planning my next lazy sunday!(have to remember to grocery shop so you’re not forced outside in need of food!)


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