Goddesses and Doormats

There are only two types of women – goddesses and doormats ~ Picasso

I have spent too much time acting like a doormat to myself. 

With every stride on the treadmill, with every step on the elliptical, I was stomping on my happiness.

It was in Fall 2010 that I started my process of healing.  I took small, tiny, microscopic baby steps towards happiness, but they started adding up!

Jenny & me

This is a picture from Thanksgiving 2010 and it was the first time people started to notice I was looking healthier.


This is a picture taken in early November of this year and I actually feel happy.  My smiles aren’t forced, my joy is real. 

Last Thanksgiving, I stepped off the doormat.

This Thanksgiving, I proclaim:

What do you proclaim?


12 thoughts on “Goddesses and Doormats

    • thank you! isn’t it interesting how we see the best in others and pick the flaws in ourselves? i remember you posted before about looking at a pic of yourself & first seeing your perceived flaws instead of the good things in the photo. i’ve been really trying to seemyself through the loving eyes of others. thank you for being a pair of those loving eyes!


    • seriously, that means so much to me. i am so, so grateful for all the support you have provided me. i hope you realize how much strength i draw from you!


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