Mums the word Bar Hopping Edition








16 thoughts on “Mums the word Bar Hopping Edition

  1. Haha the title of your post is very misleading 😉
    Dang you and I have such similar tastes in bars! Those carb rite one are so tasty, the blueberry cheesecake one rocks!

  2. I smiled seeing your post this morning. My daughter loves nutrition bars. We shop at several places looking for just the right bars. We have quite the assortment at home 🙂

    • thanks! and confession, i’ve been reading your blog for weeks … just not commenting too often – but i’ll be sure to comment more often! 🙂


  3. I love bars. I have actually never tried one of those protein ones though… I usually stick to the raw varieties, (booo no larabars in Aussie!) – what’s your favourite of the bunch. I think I need some more protein in my life. Protein in bar form is always welcome 🙂

    • i would normally have said kashi chewy roll bars or luna protein, but alexandra sent me a pure fit bar and i’ve been dreaming of it ever since! also, i like zing bars because the ingredient list is really clean, the stats are great, and they taste amazing!


    • i’ve tried a couple of the clif z bars and they were really good! also, i can’t remember where i got the idea from, but a warmed-up clif z brownie bar tastes just like warm chocolate cake!!!


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