No nut is safe

I walk down the aisles of the grocery store and the bags of flavored nuts shiver in fear.  If you look closely, you can see the fear behind that little peanut’s monocle.

In truth, it’s not a fair fight.  These little almonds & pecans don’t stand a chance against my almighty food processor!

Below, my friends, is the result of my wrath.  The destruction wreaked onto bags of caramelized nuts!





14 thoughts on “No nut is safe

  1. We recently bought cinnamon covered almonds. They also had a candy coating on them. They were delicious. Oh and I’ll put anything through a blender or chopper 🙂

    • i wonder what would happen if you put the candy coated almonds in the food processor? it might be like candy nut butter … really thick & delicious!


  2. Those emerald nuts are crazy good. My fave nut butter is that made from the emerald cocoa covered almonds, with some stevia, cardamom and cinnamon. There are also sweet & salty tubs that are just almost too good to keep in the house on a regular basis!

    • oh! i never thought to add cardamom … maybe a chai flavored nut butter? cardamom is my absolute fav spice – it’d probably be great in blended pistachio butter!


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