Double Cookie Cookie Dough

You know how some people add non-fat, lower-cal ingredients to boxed baked goods in order to light them up?

Yup, I did NOT do that.

When faced with a looming holiday cookie swap and a lack of time/ingredients/will power,

I grabbed a box of Cookie Mix


Seized a jar of (the most amazing, interesting, wildly addictive) Cookie Butter


Warmed it in the microwave (and taste tested it for quality control)


And mixed the cookie butter in with the cookie mix


Rolled it into balls


Baked at 375 for about 10 minutes


And tried a few one (again, for quality control) 


Am I lazy or am I a genius?  Real question is:  Do I care?  Smile


8 thoughts on “Double Cookie Cookie Dough

  1. Good Lord woman, you are a kitchen wizard! I’ve seen that cookie butter around the blog world, but I think you’ve taken it to a whole new level of deliciousness! 🙂
    And psshh lazy? Girl, you’re talking to the girl who makes eggs in the microwave and eats cold chicken all the time. Lazy kitchen fiends UNITE!! 😀

  2. Cookie butter!?! Sweet elixir of the gods, Cookie butter?! You guys get all the best stuff over there…. and who cares as long as the cookies taste good 🙂

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