I write this post as I sit eating my pre-workout kabocha (kabocha is also suitable as my breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert) and drinking my pre-workout coffee.  I’m writing it before my run because I just couldn’t get the idea out of my mind and I didn’t want to be thinking about it during the whole 3 hours.

Yes, I said 3 hours … but we’ll get to that in a second.

Today, my mind is on the act of focusing, or rather, re-focusing on what makes you happy.

We’ve all heard of the term, the “comfort zone.”

Everyone tells us to run away as fast as we can from this black hole of stasis and apathy and run toward the land of discomfort where you can grow through challenge and hard work.

BUT, sometimes, it is through growth that we return to our “comfort zones.”

Joob wrote about how she is slowly figuring out the best ways to eat, train, & live for HER body (I capitalize her because we are all so different and our bodies/souls require different things.)  This reminded me of the process I’ve been on in determining the best way to feed and work my own body.

In my life, I have transitioned from Cross Country to no Country (i.e. exercise in college involved walking to the dining hall) to swimming to rock climbing to elliptical hell to primarily weight training.  I have changed my diet from eating whatever I wanted to eating as little as I could to striving for balance by adding protein & fats.

As I get healthier and my comfortable in my own life and in my own skin (except for the parts of the day when the ED rears its ugly head and tells me I’m fat … yes, I long for the time when I can go a whole day w/out hearing its damn voice!) I’ve come to realize that there are certain things that my body feels very good doing and eating.  I have a comfort zone for eating and exercise.

I love to run.  My body loves to run.  I’ve realized that it’s not a bad thing to run.  If I can just decide to run 20 miles and then do it without stopping … and love (almost) every minute of it, then I should accept that I’m a runner.  Does that mean I’m giving up lifting weights?  No.  It just means that my weight training is going to be focused on increasing my muscle endurance and centered on preparing me for long Sunday runs.  Some people would hate a 3+ hour run on the weekend.  I love it. 


Does this re-focusing mean that I’m giving up on protein and fats?  Nope.  It just renews my commitment to eating healthy so that I can train without fatigue and FINALLY TREAT MY BODY RIGHT. 

I’m finally figuring out that it’s okay to give my body what it needs and move my body in the way it wants.  It is what makes me comfortable in my own skin.  After all, what else can we strive for?

Have you “re-focused” on something lately? 

Have you moved into a “comfort zone” for your body or your life?

Okay, off to run!


8 thoughts on “Re-Focus

    • i did enjoy it for “us” 🙂 i actually thought about you during the run – how you’re really focused on healing as preparation for continued thriving (if i’m interpreting your posts correctly). i like that perspective because it “re-focuses” (to continue on with the theme) our mind to take a look at the longer picture and work toward a bigger goal!


  1. Awesome, awesome post! You have no idea how happy I am for you with this big step in recovery! 🙂 Finding what your body loves is so important, and the fact you’re listening to it and fueling it well is AMAZING!
    Enjoy every second of your run my friend!! (I can’t run even 2 miles, so I’ll run with you in spirit heehee)

    • ah, thank you friend, for your continual encouragement! i am so thankful for the network of strong, supportive women that i’ve met through blogging – you definitely help me in my path to recovery!


  2. Holy crap that is a whole lotta running! I am envious that you can go for that long… seriously, very impressive
    I am so loving this post, you are well on your way to recovery and I love reading about it 🙂 Thank you for continuing to inspire me!

  3. I’ve never been a runner, but I enjoy walking. My daughter and I throw a leash on the dog and off we go. I’m happy when I get in 3 walks in a day. Usually it’s only two but I love the bonus days when I get in three.

    • i actually really like long walks, too. they’re my form of meditation. i can’t keep still enough for yoga but i do love the calming effects of a long walk!


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