WIA(Christmas #1)W

It’s like Groundhog’s day up in here with the number of Christmas celebrations J and I are attending.

We have his family (Christmas Eve), my immediate family (Christmas Day but no presents), and my immediate family plus relatives in from Texas (New Year’s Day with presents!).

So, at this lovely WIAW shindig, hosted by the gracious party thrower Jenn, I present to you Christmas #1:

White Chocolate Puppy Chow from Averie’s recipe for a friend’s Wine & Dessert Party


Alligator Jerky for snackage on the way to the festivities


Roasted veggies for my Christmas Eve Dinner


Hot Fudge Pudding Cake for Christmas Eve Dessert (I did not partake but I was told it was yummy … p.s. i love making desserts for non-family members because they’re too polite and will ALWAYS say it’s yummy!)


Christmas Day Lunch BBQ



25 thoughts on “WIA(Christmas #1)W

    • that jerky was awesome – makes me want to eat more gator! the puppy chow was pretty great, too- it was a big hit at the party (plus it was SO easy!)


  1. Puppy Chow is amazing. Want to know something even more amazing? Take Cinnamon Toast Crunch and cover it in melted white chocolate, then cinnamon-spiked powdered sugar.

    Trust me.

    I have nothing to say about the alligator jerky. Except I kind of want some. Even as a sort-of vegan.

    • they were! there’s something about roasting that makes vegetables absolutely delicious! i’ve turned my whole family & bf into roasted vegetable converts!


    • i actually don’t really like cake or sweets that much so it’s no biggie not to eat it- plus i’m lactose intolerant so i was also preventing a HUGE stomach ache! 🙂


    • i loved that alligator! i’m on a mission to eat as many random things as possible … and well on my way! i loved the asparagus, too, unfortunately it reaked havoc on the bathroom the next day! … asparagus pee… TMI? 🙂


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