Top Dog

I received a package of hot dogs from a friend who was moving (why couldn’t my friends have pantries like this girl so that I could benefit from their move with jars of cool nut butters, unusual grains, or fun jams? … nope, I got hot dogs).

(Not so surprising) Fact about me.  I. Hate. Hot Dogs.  Hate them.  The only thing I like about them are the relish and mustard.

What does that mean?  J got two hot dog containing dinners in one week. Smile

The first was corn dogs.  Yup friends, I got my Paula Deen on and deep-fried the crap out of those puppies.

I used Alton Brown’s recipe for the batter and they turned out great – just like at the fair! (or so J said).   I could practically smell hear the carnies!


Next I used Angela’s recipe for Maple Baked Beans and added chopped hot dogs to turn it into Franks and Beans.  I did feel slightly guilty for turning a vegan dish, made by a vegan chef, for a vegan audience into a processed meat fiasco.  I got over it, though, and J ate it all up.


I still have two hot dogs left.  I might just toss them for the sake of J’s arteries … but I might get creative and try something new.

Any ideas?


15 thoughts on “Top Dog

  1. bahaha that paula deen picture is PRICELESS!! 😀
    I don’t really like hotdogs either, so sadly I can’t be of much help…although copious amounts of mutard never hurt anyone heehee 😉

    • oh, i have to disagree. copious amounts of mustard have hurt me … with the absurd amount of yellow stains i have on my clothes! mustard + chopsticks = yellow drips!


    • oh my, you and i are too alike! i remember eating hot dog buns, mustard, and relish when i was little! :) hot dogs are more like gristle, snout, and tail on a stick! 😉


  2. I haven’t had a hot dog in years. Maybe I should try a soy version to see how I like it, then I could give you some tips! Actually a corndog sounds really good! I used to love hot dogs with mac and cheese when I was little – but that’s another artery bomb!

    • i hate soy dogs (but since i hate hot dogs, that’s probably a good testament to the fact they taste like the real thing)! ah, mac and cheese, another timeless childhood favorite! 🙂


    • haha, you and j can definitely have your fair share of those, then! but stay away from my sardines! 🙂 lucky for me, no one drools over the food i like … i don’t have to share!


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