Sugar Free Challenge Part Deux

I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s Eve!  I spent mine with family from Texas and we finally celebrated our Christmas.  Damn, I had to wait an extra week to get my presents! Smile

I just wanted to publically declare (and therefore make it harder to cheat or back out) that I’ll be participating completing (see, I’m thinking positively) Alex’s Sugar Free Challenge.  The first challenge I took part in lasted 10 days and was hard enough but this challenge lasts for the WHOLE FRIGGIN’ month of January!

Why am I doing it?  For a couple of reasons.

  1. I love a good challenge
  2. I use a lot of artificial sweeteners and I’m always bloated and gassy
  3. My stomach felt better after the 1 week challenge I did in November
  4. I love a good challenge
  5. When I binge, I binge on sweet things and it’s a lot easier when I know that I just can’t have them. Yes, I know that this is a form of restriction and it’s honestly something I’ve battled with in my mind.  I haven’t binged and purged in months (YEAH!!!) but there are times when I come home or feel stressed and I just can’t seem to stop putting things in my mouth (insert stupid joke).  I want to stop using food as entertainment, solace, or distraction.  I want to take the emotion out of food!!!  Food should taste great, should make me feel great, but should not be the only source of greatness in my life.  My goal is to focus on food as nutrition and sustenance during this month and to establish other strategies for dealing with feelings of emotional discomfort.

So, wish me luck, sign up if you’d like, and I’ll be posting my challenges and successes as the month passes! 

Have you gone sugar-free or done a detox?  Thoughts?


21 thoughts on “Sugar Free Challenge Part Deux

    • added colors, too … hmmm… i bet added colors & added sweeteners go hand in hand. i probably won’t find any added colors in foods without sweeteness … although, i’m always surprised by the amount of crap food companies put in their products! good luck on your detox!


  1. I am glad you included a bit of a disclaimer here… I am sure there are people that would read this and think it’s too much restriction. However, I believe you prefaced it well and can completely understand why you are doing it! I am actually considering checking out this challenge too… for very similar reasons to why you are doing it!

    • yeah, it’s something that i put a lot of thought into and discussed with my bf because (as you know) restriction is a slippery slope and i REFUSE to go back to that hell of ED. however, i desperately want to get to a better relationship with food and my body and i truly think this will help me stop using food to ease my stress (because then i use the treadmill to ease my guilt from binging). i’ll be interested to see what you decide regarding the challenge. happy new year’s!


  2. Hurrah! I’m doing it too – I always feel so much better emotionally AND physically when I avoid sugar… makes such a huge difference for me. Luck luck LUCK for you 🙂

    • it makes a big difference for me, too! i feel a lot more … calm … around food. less cravings and i think about it less during the non-eating times. it’s actually a relief. luck to you, too!


    • the hardest part, for me, is watching the sneaky sugars (who knew there was sugar insubway chicken? … and why?!?). i also chew gum like afiend so that’s tough, too!


    • i eat a lot of fruit, too, but i’ve honestly found myself craving very simple foods since cutting out sugar (roasted root veg and lots of dark, leafy greens). also, i am a less bloated without the artifical sweeteners!


  3. OK, I’m a bit late commenting on this but have just come across it now. I have this problem too, having been battling depression for a couple of years now.. and cannot seem to find an end to the madness of using FOOD as medication – which of course just backfires and you end up up feeling 10X worse…. We all know this and it is SO FRUSTRATING.. Good luck with your challenge!! Routing for you.

    • i’ve actually just discovered yoga and it’s really, really helped in dealing with depression and calming my mind so that i don’t turn to the cupboards/fridge for comfort! thanks for you support!


      • Thanks for this. I used to LOVE yoga, and walking for miles on end, but depression has stopped me doing so many things I used to enjoy.. I am determined to beat it and trying to start running. Just got an MP3 player which is helping with moods as I used to love listening to music. Need to find a site where I can get new music though haha. Thanks for the quick reply by the way ((it’s 02:38 in the morning here and I’m supposed to be up in a few hours..)).

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