WIAW – New Year’s Eve

Thanks, Jenn, for holding another great WIAW.  Below are the eats from my family’s New Year’s Eve celebration!  Oh, we got wild up in here.  I stayed up till 11 … so close to midnight but I just couldn’t make it!  Yup, I’m an old fogey at the age of 28!



Ice Cream Sundaes with Almond Lace Cookies, Butter Pecan Ice Cream, & Plumber’s Crack (recipe coming soon)


Mom’s famous cake balls … quickly becoming a requirement at all family gatherings!



(real) Black Forest Ham shipped from the South!


Beef tenderloin (and my cousin showing the size of the beef she ate … that girl can put a steak away!)



18 thoughts on “WIAW – New Year’s Eve

  1. That paella looks amazing, I’ve never heard of it before! And I can only imagine how wicked amazing those cake balls are, those things are like crack! 😀
    So glad you guys had such a fun new years together 🙂

    • to be honest, i’m not the biggest fan of rice (my japanese and mexican ancestors are rolling in their graves), so i don’t eat the paella. however, if you love rice, spices, shrimp and sausage, then this stuff is for you! 🙂 my mom’s gone cuckcoo for cake balls and the whole family is loving it!


    • ohmygod, i think you just made my year! a couple of months ago, i told j that i couldn’t wait until someone complimented me on muscle growth (since i’ve worked so damn hard)! you have no idea how happy you just made me! 🙂


    • the no sugar is actually going pretty well. i’m a lot more used to it after my first challenge in november, so i know where to go for the sugar free options! i’ve also found items that are sugar free (like sugar free pasta sauce and pizza sauce, which is incredible hard to find!).


  2. Your Mum is too cute!

    Looks like a super fun (and tasty) NYE – I was in bed my 9pm…. sleep wins every time these days – no more all nighters round here 🙂

    hehe plumbers crack

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